Tristan Michael Lawrence

Tristan Michael Lawrence

A meticulous human being with an eye for design, a love for web development, and a passion for music. I focus on building a clean, fast, and aesthetically pleasing websites in a world of distractions. I am definitely not a robot.






JavaScript and jQuery

Choose your favourite options, whether it be game sounds, ambiance, beat-type, melodies, and vocals. Once all five selections are made, a custom song with those vibes will start to play. The minute you de-select a pad, the music will stop until you make another choice!


AJAX, API's, & React

Here you can search for any location whether that be a town, city, or country, and you'll get a map of the place you chose, along with in-depth information on the country that the city is in, or the country that you chose.

Alpha Studio

PSD to Responsive

This is a PSD I received which I then had to create a pixel perfect replica of the design. I used HTML, CSS, and Responsive design so it fits well on an device imaginable.


Let's talk, you can reach me via email or phone.